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Women’s Bible Study: Tuesdays, 7pm@Ignite
Ok, so there are these books called the “gospels,’ right?  They talk about all of the different things Jesus did while He was here.  But some if it gets confusing, especially when everyone doesn’t cover the same things!  We’re digging into the gospels, finding the messages in Jesus’ messages, and applying them to our lives.  Join us!  
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Men’s Bible Study: Thursdays, 6:30pm @Ignite
We’re serious about being the leaders of our families the way we’ve been called.  Join us for “I Peter” and let’s grow in the understanding of what the Word tells us about being men.
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Worship Life Group: Sunday Mornings, 9 am @ Ignite
To lead worship, we believe we need to be leaders in living for Christ.  Join us as we grow our walks FIRST, and watch the worship follow.  Open to ALL!      
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The Flame!  Youth Group: Dec 16, 6 pm
Our teens are the future, and they’re the NOW.  These young men and women will shape the future, and they’ll do it sooner than we think.  we believe in investing and discipling our teens, and equipping them to walk through the trials of young adulthood in an ever-changing world.