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Our Mission & Vision

Vision: Invite, Connect, Commission
Invite: Invite people to church to get to know Jesus
Connect: Building relationships with God as the center
Commission: Purposely follow Jesus and teach others to do the same
Mission: To draw nearer to God through worship, discipleship, and prayer in order to spread the Gospel to all
Not sure what we mean by Non-Denominational?  It simply means that we are not tied to any particular denomination, meaning that we are free to seek God’s direction and purpose without having curriculum dictated from an overarching body.   We’re Biblically based.  See the Full Statement of Faith here.  This is our entire Biblical basis for beliefs.   



Services start with an open and energized worship experience where we prepare our hearts for God’s message. We sing a variety of songs ranging from fast, exciting exaltation to deep, personal worship.  This isn’t just a matter of us singing some words, but a personal experience where we exalt the Lord.

The sermons will be centered in Biblical study.  We believe that the Bible is the Living Word of God. This means that, though the words may never change, God has commissioned the Bible to hold truths about our lives for whatever season or situation we are in.  You can read the same passage even weeks apart, and God can reveal very different messages through His Spirit.  Because of this, we preach the Bible.  THIS IS NOT A HISTORY LESSON!  It’s an insight into our past, present, and future.  It is an insight into human nature and typical behaviors.  It guides us on an amazing journey from where we are to where God has planned for us to go.  Come on out and see what God can do through His word.

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Service Time is 1030, Sunday Mornings

Admin Office Hours: 10 am – 12 pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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Where are We?

Ignite Christian Church is located at 1180 W. First Street in Braidwood Illinois.

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Phone: 815-390-5040
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