October 26(6-8:30 pm)and 27(9am-3pm)
Fall VBS is ON ITS WAY!!!
Did you ever wish there was an alternative to sending your kids around dressed as witches, ghouls, and goblins?  Well, this year there is!  We’re having the BEST costume party around – it’s our GAME ON VBS! This sports-based VBS encourages kids to gear up for the BIG GAME of life with the strength of God on their team.  
Children are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite athlete or a player from their favorite team.  Don’t worry – no one rides the bench here!  Everyone will have an absolute BLAST as we grow together. 
Fun and Active!
Your kids are going to LOVE this!  From jumping and dancing, to sports and games – this will give your kids a great opportunity to burn off some of that excess energy.  Our leaders are ready to go!  
Arts and Crafts! 
It doesn’t matter how old or how experienced you are – you’ll make fun, interesting, and just plain silly crafts!  From magnets to pipe-cleaners; from paint to robots, your child will enjoy crafts time with our age-specific plans. 


Learn the Game Plan!
God didn’t just make us, then leave us here alone.  NO!  He gave us the gift of guidance – He created the ultimate game plan.  He’s wants to put you on His team, where He ALWAYS calls the right play!  Come on out to the “locker room” and let’s get this game rolling!