Ignite Women’s Conference – May 11, 2019

Believe.  Trust.  Change.
Women, we’ve been labeled a LOT of different things in our lives.  No matter what path you’ve taken to get here, you’ve been subject to hearing how everyone else views you.  Tall.  Short.  Small.  Big.  Shy.  Overbearing….and that’s just the clean ones!  
What if I told you that none of those labels matter?  What if I told you that there’s only ONE viewpoint of you that matters?  It belongs to the One who took special care to knit every little piece of you together – and He doesn’t see you the way you think He does.  If we could see ourselves as He sees us…everything would change.  This. Changes. EVERYTHING.
This year’s conference is designed to help us see ourselves as He sees us, and walk into the amazing freedom this brings.  We can’t wait to share this freedom with you!  
Dates: May 10-11
May 10 – 7-9 pm: Opening Night Worship
May 11 – 9 am-3 pm: Women’s Conference (Group sessions, breakout sessions, worship, prayer and ministry times)
Early Bird Registration (Before May 4th): $20
Full Registration (May 5-10): $25
Mandi Cornett
Mandi is an author, teacher, and the director of Cleanse. Fill. Pour. Women’s Ministry.  She is a wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother living and ministering in northwest Indiana for the past 17 years with Youth For Christ-Campus Life.  She and her husband currently work in local teen ministry, as well as mentoring young women through the difficult teenage years.  Her heart is for discipleship and teaching women how to be the part of the Body that God has called them to be.  Recently, she became the director of Women’s Ministry for Liberty Bible Church-LP.  Her heart’s desire is to see women come to understand the life-changing relationship that Jesus Christ offers and to see them mature in Him and be who He has created them to be.  
Check out Mandi’s book “From Out to In – Our Position in Christ” on Amazon!  (Click Here!) 
Jennifer Costa
Jennifer is a mother, wife, and Women’s Ministry leader at Ignite Christian Church in Braidwood, Il.  Her passion for women of God started at a young age, as a leader of Young Life Teen Ministry in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa.  In the past 6 years, her focus on mentoring and teaching has only intensified, with a specific focus on biblically-based, Spirit led teaching.  She empowers the women she leads to gain understanding through their own biblical research, building community with the women who seek to draw nearer to God.  In 2018, God gave her the insight and vision to start the Ignite Women’s Conference, leading to the first installment “What’s in Your Closet?”  This year, she is excited to see God move through bringing a new understanding of what it means to be a daughter of God, and the truths that women often leave behind when they don’t see themselves as He does.  
Jennifer is also the owner of JC Dance Academy (Check it out HERE!
Dates: May 10-11
Early Bird Registration (Before May 4th): $20
Full Registration (May 5-10): $25